Friday, August 22, 2008

The biggest celebration in my community

We are Bangladeshi and Muslims. Bengali celebration days are 21st February –martyrs and international mother language day , 26th march independence day, Pohela Baishak-Bangla new year.26 march is very important for me as Bangladeshi. Because, we have got our Bangladesh by giving blood of million martyrs and honor of many mothers and sisters. I am thankful and regarded to them. Since, I am Muslim. So, very important for me like birth and death day of Mohammad(sm) in 12th Rabiul awal , Shob-e-barat, Shob-e-meraz, Eid-ul-fitr, Eid-ul-azha, etc.
Eid –ul-azha teaches us how to sacrifice for others. But I like very much Eid-ul-fitr. Because the Eid day is the greatest of all festivals of the Muslims in the world. After the month long Ramadan the Eid-ul-fitr knocks at the door. In this way, all muslim does pure and innocent their heart and soul.
When the moon of eid arises in the evening, everybody feels very happy . In Eid day all forget that who poor and who rich man. All share the pleasures to one another. All men wear new dress. Everybody go to meet with their dearest in their house and give good wishes and gift etc. we, the housewives cook shemai, biriani, khir and other delicious foods. At the end, I want to say that Eid-ul-fitr is very enjoyable day for me. That’s why I think Eid day is biggest celebration of our community each year.

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David Sasaki said...

Hi Jainub, I thin it's great that you linked to asia afrin's post. I really wish that I was in Bangladesh during Pohela Baishak so that I could see it.

Jainub Khanam said...

Thanks david for your comments. i hope to see you in all bangladeshi celebrations day.