Saturday, July 5, 2008

Education for women

Napoleon said, “Give me a good mother I will give you a good nation”. So, a woman ought to be educated. An educated woman can make an educated family. An educated woman can maintain her husband world being an ideal wife. An educated mother can good educated her child being an ideal teacher. An illiterate mother unconsciously can kill by taking poison in lieu of proper medicine. Her children trick often any matter to an uneducated and ignorant mothers.
Women neglected all time but an educated woman can established to yourself at society. In spite of death of her husband she never be upset. She will be able to establish her child. She can lives respectfully in society with lofty head.
The environment of whole family becoming a peaceful-heavenly by means of well educated, polite and religious woman.
Come on; develop our daughter’s capabilities with wise, skillful and active.


Anonymous said...

What a great post, and very eloquently expressed.

I completely agree with you. Education of women is about empowerment and bettering our world.

It would be really nice to read more about this topic (and other issues of women's rights) from you as you seem to have a true passion for it.

Jainub Khanam said...

I have exited to get of your support. i am old in write world But i am New in Blog published. in my New state your support will be inspired me to go to front. I will must write about women rights. THANk you for write me. do you understand Bangla? I rich in Bangla. because, it is my mothertoung. so, i write my blog both in english &Bangla.

Romi said...

For not being your mother tongue, your English is quite good!

Unfortunately I don't understand Bangla, but am always willing to learn. :)

I look forward to reading more of your postings.

Jainub Khanam said...

i am happy to know that you are willing to learn, many thanks to you. i wish you will be success and all the best.

Anonymous said...

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