Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Good and bad of summer season

The summer season is the first season of Bangladesh. It is very hot in this season. It is getting hot day by day. Men become tired because of excessive heat. So in this season educational institutions announce summer vacation. In this time electricity goes out often and does unkind behave. Then older and children’s are suffer no bounds. We can’t use cyber cafe for the load shedding.

In the summer season- ponds, canals even the rivers get dried. For that we don’t get pure drinking water. Excess heat and impure drinking water cause of different kinds of diseases, like-- diarrhea, cholera and allergy etc. For this, many people dislike this season. In this time we wait for heavy rain. I like Rainy season.

Though, it is very hot in summer but many kinds of fruits are available in this time, like-Mango, black-berry, jack-fruits, litchi, water melon, palm, wood-apple, pine-apple etc.

So, this month is called of honey-month. Though all people stay in impatient in the summer, but all tolerate it for the juicy and delicious fruits. But the summer season does not suit me.


kbw said...

i'm enjoying your posts and the much needed rain and the delicious fruits, esp mangoes! and less loadshedding! any photos?

Jainub Khanam said...

thanks for enjoying my blog.i will try to write our summer situation of Bangladesh.i have no camera. so,i can;t show any photos in my blog.

Bradly Jones said...

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