Saturday, July 26, 2008

Floating Women

Rainy season is the best time for them,
who are greedy for women.
At the time of rainy dark night.
The street women lose everything.
Nobody hear their sad crying at night.
Then, these women are affected of AIDS.
Everybody has to repent,
if nobody thinks about them.
They are not rehabilitated ,
who are floated.
Why doesn't think about shelter less
Who conscientious person,
The country loses dignity
if they spread bed disease.

This picture belong to Jim & Marie's life through the lens


Espacio Público said...

I liked very much this poem Jainub, I know I don't understand your other bangla texts but I am sure are as lyric and melancholic and activists as this one... I will be coming and I hope you will be writing...

Laura said...

This is an enchanting blog. I love how you tell your experiences and describe the lifes of women un your country. Keep it up. I'm eager to know more.

Bradly Jones said...

I don’t know how Bangladeshi women do it, but they deserve more respect than they receive. Regardless of whether raising a child or having a job and feeding a whole family, the life is hard but these women are strong.

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Steve Berke said...

I enjoyed reading your article. Please make more interesting topics like this on.
I'll come back for more :)

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