Friday, July 18, 2008

My Family

My family is a small and good family-which consists four members like my husband, two daughters and i. We are Muslim. We are always practice in Islam . my husband is government service holder. I am simple housewife but now I am taking training on English and computer course. I arrange by my own hand to my home. My elder daughters study in class K.G. and my younger baby don't nothing. She is 4 years old. They are very naughty and their father is some angry. But I always sacrifice for my family members. I wish my family will have well-educated, gentle and ideal family. For this, I am to tolerate many sorrows.
We have done saving account for our child future life. I don't watch T.V.and don't put T.V. in my home. So, I give my child differently-like sing a song, drawing picture. I tell to my children on advisable and I buy for them of story book.
I want to build up such a family that as others can learn something from that family. All of them loves and abide by me. I love to my family so much.


Jannatul Fardous said...

Hello jainub are you? I read your family's story. your family is very beautyful and your babys are very well.I wish you will be very happy woman.

Jainub Khanam said...

thank you for good wish.