Friday, July 18, 2008

Speak of my mind

I am jainub khanam. My home dristicts at chittagong. I have passed manytimes of my life in village. My village name is east forhadabad. It is a very beautiful place. I have studied in my village.I used to like very much of school and my college both sofisticat environment. I completed degree pass in 1999 .my teacher was very cordial always they help me any things and never get annoyed with me.
They love and affection me for good result.
Now a days, English is very essential for us. We can do nothing without English. If I know English I will be able to read English news paper, magazine and English story book, and I will be able to use computer,E-mail, internet, mobile etc.
My family is small and happy.we are four family members, my husband,our two daughters and I . I think , how to happy my family? I am a simple housewife. I maintained with my own hand to my home.
I like to read Islamic books,tree plantation, photography & write my own blog. Recently, I am interesting that to learning on computer internet and knowing English. My favorite hobby is read book and tree plantation.becouse, it is our real friends. Trees keep the soil strong and save us from flood and any natural calamities.
My sweet dreams is how I will make a good person to my child, my innocent think is I can go to paradise if Allah wishes! And I desire more, how to serve the helpless and needy. In the end, I hope that all Muslims practice there own religion along with their general education. At least say prayers and I think, it is good to maintain the hijab system.because it is peaceful dress. It saves us from rough eyes of evil man. Then he can express himself as a real WISEMAN.

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Anonymous said...

We share a hobby: reading books!

What are some of your favorite books, or themes, to read about?