Friday, July 18, 2008

My Thoughts

I don't know whether my thought is logical or illogical. But I think about my family , my daughters, any women life and whole world. I think how I can satisfy my husband and his parents and all relatives. I think how I will take care of my child and how to help her become a good person.
I think how I can go to heaven and for this abide by the rules of Allah.I wish that all women of Bangladesh will become that skillful, active and self-confident.
Always,I pray to Allah for the world to become as warless peaceful heaven. I wish that so serve unselfish the others and to help the needy and helpless. So that, all remember me after my death.


Farzana Akter Bithi said...

Hello…Jainub . I like your blog. Your blog is beautiful.Your writing is my mind speak. I wish, you give more well writing our I your next post. I appreciate your work. I pray Allah, then you are always happy with yours family. best wishes for your daughters.

Jainub Khanam said...

hi farzana! i like ur comments very much.i am exited ur best wishes.